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Recent Testimonials

I pride myself on my service, communication, & energy work skills. Read the testimonials section below to see the benefits my clients experience from a session.

Tammy Anderson Ward

Deanna is a highly sought after reiki practitioner who has excelled in her classes. It's been a privilege to watch her skillset evolve as she has become more aware of other's subtle energies.

She's impressed me on a number of occasions and I give her an A+, which is not easy to come by. If you're looking for a fantastic experience from a professional standpoint, then give her a try!

Much love to you Deanna Baysa. Thank you for showing up for all the people you are helping!

Aubrey Erickson

Deanna has worked on my children and I for the last couple of years through distance healing. She has been offering support both emotionally and physically, with reiki and other modalities of her energy work. When We have had severe viruses, that have hung on, she’s healed us, so we could return to school and being a mom. She literally clears the virus up within hours. I’m shocked at the strength and power of her work, even long distances! I’d recommend her to anyone for healing trauma from abuse or any other physical diseases.

Michelle C

I love my sessions with Deanna! I am so calm and rejuvenated when we are done. This good for me because I have anxiety. She also gives me affirmations to say 3 times a day according to our consultation and our intention for the session. She has also given me information on crystals to use for protection and getting rid of negative energy. I have not always being intuitive when it comes to the people I choose to have in my life because of poor boundaries. Deanna is helping me with that too by cutting cords, clearing my aurora and energy, and protection. Deanna is very professional, informative, and compassionate with me. She communicates very well what she is going to do during the session. She is very calming and soothing to be around. Thank you Deanna for all you do for me. I would recommend Deanna to anyone. Michelle C

Amy Long

I just booked my fourth session with Deanna and I highly recommend her work. In each session I experience tangible physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits that I simply can't explain with my rational brain. Deanna is incredibly intuitive, kind, grounding, nurturing, and understanding of what I need in each session. Plus, she's so easy to work with. She has listened and truly heard all of the issues and concerns I've brought to each session. I am so happy to report positive results and improvements in each of the areas, including some unexpected benefits that I couldn't have anticipated. If you're pulled to try a session, even out of curiosity, just schedule one. I recommend Deanna to my friends and co-workers, and I recommend her to you.
Would Recommend? Yes

Aubree Larson Gittins

I was looking for some help with my daughter who was suffering so much from a sore throat which was affecting her ears. She was in so much pain and I was desperate to find relief for her. I reached out to Deanna who was so understanding and helpful. She took the time to help my daughter and my daughter fell right to sleep. The next morning my daughter told me that she wasn’t feeling any pain right before she fell asleep which is of course because of the reiki that Deanna preformed. Deanna also intuitively picked up on some things that my daughter struggles with and I’d never met Deanna before this and neither had my daughter. All she knew was what was wrong with my daughter, her name and she had a picture of her. I definitely recommend Deanna to anyone who has any kind of physical, emotional or mental issue.

Bailey Robinson

Deanna was able to come to my grandmas side at short notice. She helped facilitate an easier passing for her. Deanna came and not 24 hours later my grandma died peacefully. The feeling of peace that she brought into the room was incredible. Fear, anger, grief was alleviated. I am so grateful for Deanna and her abilities.
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Aisha M Hurst

Deanna is a kind, warm, and loving lady with A LOT of patience! I've only had two Reiki sessions done on me previously (both in person) so this was my first experience having it done over distance. I must say, I'm not used to just simply relaxing and allowing the other practitioner to go to work - I usually talk through my issues, but Deanna was so in-tune that that didn't end-up being needed! She worked MAGIC! I felt SO relaxed and so warm and could feel her working on different parts of my body that needed energy to flow! I had some tension resulting from stress and her session helped the tension flow out of my body and away from my energy field. It was so simple and effective! I would HIGHLY recommend Deanna as a Reiki practitioner; she has the magic touch to the point where even distance you can feel it's effects!

Brandy Werre

I had my first Reiki experience with Deanna. I was nervous and really did not know what to expect. Deanna, was professional and caring. She listened to my concerns. I was so amazed by the energy flow between the both of us. I could feel it pulsating, which I welcomed. After it was all through I paid very close attention to the areas she worked on. I could literally feel the pain I had in my knee shift, move and leave my body. I have not any issues with it since. She worked a lot on my throat chakra which I did not know was an issue, and since I found myself expressing myself and standing up for my ideas. This has definitely changed my life and definitely recommend Reiki and Deanna

Diana Bramble Stoker

I cannot tell you the difference I am feeling in myself since the chakra balancing. I feel almost like a different person. My hips were out and I could barely walk for 2 days, so painful. I was planning on going to the chiropractor the next day. When you messaged me I didn't even know you were doing it and I realized I hadn't even thought about my hip pain for about two hours before you messaged me. My hips were back in balance and I have felt great ever since. I can literally feel my chakras in line. I can feel them. such a difference. Thank you so much!"

Sage Hess

I am definitely a high energy person and have a hard time calming down haha! But as Deanna worked on me I felt more relaxed than I had in a really long time (I even fell asleep for some of it ). I could feel a world of a difference after our session.
Okay I didn't know how to edit my original post so.... I'll just add on here in the comments! Over the last 8 years I have struggled with my reproductive system. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being healthy) I was usually as a 3. Recently I have been doing a bunch of things to try and raise that number. Well today after Deanna worked on me, I found out that I am officially at a 10!! I can not express the joy and relief this has brought me. Seriously don't miss out! Schedule with Deanna and you will not be disappointed!

Natasha Christensen

I have known Deanna for sometime now as we have attended classes together. Deanna is always attending each class on time, taking careful notes and always willing to help those around her. I have admired her willingness to help others from day one. Not only has she become a great friend but I have gotten the privilege to watch her grow as a healer. Deanna knew I was struggling with somethings and asked if she could do a Reiki session on me. I wasn't seeing straight was dizzy and feeling nauseous. I could feel her move the energy in my third eye. It was an incredible experience!

Kim Shurtliff

I had my first Reiki session last week and it was even better than I'd hoped for. Deanna was very professional and welcoming. She explained to me how Reiki works and made me feel comfortable before we started.
I was surprised how relaxed I was and the amount of energy I was able to feel while she was working on me.
We released some bad trapped emotions that had been holding me back and energized me to push through some goal I was working on.
I'd definitely recommend Deanna if you are looking into having Reiki done.

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Lori Lovendahl

Immediately after my session with Deanna my eye that had be bothering me felt better and the tension in my shoulders released. Days after my session I felt a closeness to my husband even though nothing had changed in are relationship. Thanks Deanna Baysa for your expertise and willingness to help!

Sabrina Willie

Shout out to my friend Deanna Baysa for my Reiki last Saturday. It was amazing. My back felt much better and my emotional energy was rejuvenated. It was so needed. "

Heidi Stiffler

I had my first session and did not know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I can't explain it, but I definitely felt a reaction during the session. Afterwards I felt so relaxed and at peace. I would recommend trying Reiki with Deanna.
Would Recommend? Yes

Kathy Bowman Willie

I had my first ever session in November. I was very skeptical but it was the best thing I have done in a very long time. Left very relaxed and the arthritic pain in my neck and head was much much better. More importantly, the pain has stayed lessened. Highly recommend

Kinsey Bradshaw

I had my first Reiki session. It was a new experience and definitely worth it. It was very relaxing. I even dozed off for a bit. It helped relax my body and ease some of my tense and sore spots. A good way to let your mind and body align.
Would Recommend? Yes

Amanda Workman

This was my very first reiki experience and I highly recommend it to anyone, especially those who have areas of their body that are bothering them. I'll definitely be booking another session!

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Kimberly Arritt

I wasn’t sure what to expect during my Reiki session but felt very energized afterwards! Loved it!!!!!

Megan Matthews

Deanna is really great at what she does. You can tell she really enjoys this. I feel amazing after one visit with her!

Shelli Proffitt Howells

Deanna is highly intuitive and has such a beautiful energy!

Meriden Toombs

Deanna did a Chakra Balancing session on me and after it was done, I felt a shift in one of the chakras that she worked on! It was awesome! Thank you Deanna!!

Mel Lee

Deanna was so wonderful. My session was so relaxing. Def would do it again.

Emily Duncan

Loved my session with Deanna! She has a very peaceful kind energy that makes things a comfortable experience.

Chelsea Cox

I received a reiki session from Deanna, i had never had one before. It was so relaxing and I felt so good afterwards! I would definitely recommend it!!

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