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Reiki Treatment

Deanna Baysa Reiki & Energy Therapy

Your Gateway to Health

Reiki and Ripples of Light are energy therapies that address your whole self - mind/body/spirit. These modalities compliment each other and balance the energies of the body.

These energies can fall out of balance due to illness, accidents, EMF exposure, experiencing emotional or traumatic events, and for a myriad of other reasons. To bring about good health (homeostasis) or to stay healthy, the body's energies must be brought into, or remain, in balance. After a session, clients report things such as a feeling of relaxation, a removal or reduction of stress & tension, reduction or removal of pain, etc. These modalities balance out the mind/body/spirit to bring about better health. *Ask about my other services


Because I use energy, I can work on someone wherever they are in the world. This will not interfere with any holistic or medical care you are receiving, nor interfere with any medications or supplements you are taking. It's perfectly safe. Reiki is utilized in major hospitals in the Eastern half of the USA, & in Europe. More Psychiatrists, Psychologists & Therapists are realizing the benefits of energy therapy modalities & are encouraging their patients to see energy practitioners. If you are in this situation, with a release of information from your psychologist's or therapist's office signed by you, I will share my notes with them.


I do in person and distance sessions. I also offer "Remote" sessions for the the busy person who has no time for a session. Distance & Remote sessions are equally effective. Contact me to book a session.

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Who I Am and What I Do

Reiki Master Practitioner & Intuitive

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner & Intuitive. I'm also certified in advanced Ripples of Light taught by Tammy Anderson Ward. I utilize the two energy modalities and my intuitive abilities in my sessions to meet the needs of every client.


Being an intuitive, I sometimes find that a different type of session may be more beneficial for a future session. If someone has experienced a severe trauma at some time in their life, for instance, they may benefit from a "soul fragmentation" session. This helps release the trauma from the subconscious mind so it isn't playing over and over again in the background.


My clients have reported receiving many benefits from their sessions. Read their testimonials on this website. Contact me to book a session or to ask questions.

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Reiki Treatment

Contact Me

Are you looking to feel relaxed, rejuvenated & balanced? Contact me through this website, email, phone call, or text. You may also reach me on Messenger through Meta/Facebook using the link provided on this website. Book a session today.

(208) 840-0456

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Belinda O. - Deanna was wonderful! She really is in attunement with her healing abilities. I went in to get some chakra work and made a lot of progress in just one session. It feels like a fresh start for me. Highly recommend!

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